Combating Terrorist Networks Interagency Seminar - Virtual

Department of International Education & 3-Ds Studies CTNIS-V SOS 3345-V Open Nomination Only Secret


The course examines current U.S. policy and the capabilities of key agencies to disrupt, deter, and defeat terrorist networks. Seminar sessions follow four themes: understanding terrorist networks; relevant national security policies, strategies, and plans; components of a comprehensive approach to countering terrorism; and methods to enhance the national security system to combat terrorism.


This seminar is designed for senior foreign service officers, civil service officers, and military leaders (FS2-FS, GS14-GS15, and O5-O6) with a background in U.S. security strategy and initiatives and programs designed to combat terrorism.


All required texts and materials are available to the student on JSOU e-Campus using the Blackboard Learning Management System. Each student MUST have the Zoom app, audio / visual capability, and access to commercial internet and the JSOU e-Campus site prior to and throughout the course.