Joint Special Operations Forces Pre-Command Course - Virtual

Department of the SOF Profession JSOFPCC-V SOC 5460-V Nomination Only Secret


The course prepares newly designated SOF leaders for command by providing a common understanding of the USSOCOM Commander’s priorities, command philosophy, and the responsibilities of joint SOF leaders. It also provides a venue for discussion of the current challenges and issues facing USSOCOM, TSOCs, and USSOCOM components. This course, is a hybrid of asynchronous distance learning self-study and synchronous group discussion by Secure Video Teleconference.


Those commands that traditionally close with and conduct direct engagement with the enemy (Special Forces, Rangers, Navy Sea, Air and Land Teams, Marine Raiders, Special Tactics, and Special Mission Units) along with those commands that provide direct support to those formations (Army Special Operations Aviation and Air Force (AF) Special Operations Command flying units, to include Unmanned Aircraft Systems), will attend the resident JSOFPCC course. Additionally, those units that conduct indirect means of operations (Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, Navy Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School, and 6th Special Operations Squadron) are also required to attend the resident course. All combat support, combat service support, test and evaluation, and training unit CDRs and CSELs will attend the JSOFPCC online course (currently in development.) These include Maintenance, Logistics, Communications, Intelligence, Medical, Base Support, and Test and Evaluation commands. Resident course attendance for combat support, service support, and training unit CDRs and CSELs may be considered on a case by case basis depending on availability.


Students will gain access to the JSOU e-Campus Blackboard SOC 5460 site content 30 days prior to course start. During course execution, students will use Blackboard for access to course materials, references and resources. In addition, participants will post regular written feedback and reflections for review by fellow participants, course facilitators and mentors.