SOF Chaplaincy Ethical Leadership Advisement

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC SCEA SOS 5850 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This virtual course is aimed at the advanced development and implementation of joint SOF-specific religious support. The Distance Learning component, four weeks in duration, is conducted asynchronously with 4 modules that introduces students to the course content. Then a virtual component of 40 hours is conducted synchronously over a five-day period using the ZoomGov and TEAMS platforms [also in hybrid/resident format when travel is permitted]. This course will challenge students to contextualize their respective joint SOF RST (Religious Support Team) and SOF Warrior identity in order to create a spiritual ethical & moral leadership model, learn to perform ethical risk assessment, develop leadership-coaching practices, and write a SOF-specific research paper that supports the spiritual domain of their commander's POTFF program while providing ethical leadership advisement. *Note: Students MUST provide BOTH a personal email address AND either a .gov or .mil email address in order to be registered for the course.


The course is designed for primarily for SOF Chaplains & SOF RST SEL as well as POTFF team members assigned within USSOCOM enterprise and desiring an advanced development & implementation of joint SOF-specific religious support & ethical leadership advisement.


Virtual webinar/meeting platform, Weblinks, and course materials will be provided as necessary. Students must have internet access, commercial computer/laptop/device to access course materials and the virtual webinar/meeting platform.

22A (31-Jan-2022 to 04-Feb-2022)